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Kevin Low
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Joined the crypto party in 2016, Kevin have witnessed the crazy volatility of the market. A firm believer of the term HODL and bagholders of ETH, NEO & BNB. He is a huge fan of Vitalik Buterin and CZ. Spend lots of time researching on crypto and love to share it on
Justin Sun
Crypto Influencer

Justin Sun – The Creator Of Tron

One of the most prominent if not slightly controversial, figures in the cryptocurrency space is Justin Sun – the founder and CEO of TRON – a blockchain-based decentralized platform for digital content and entertainment. If you want to know more...

Laura Shin
Crypto Influencer

Laura Shin – Unchained And Unconfirmed

We’ve been covering cryptocurrency influencers all week. You may have noticed that most of them are founders of crypto-related companies. Today will be slightly different. Since cryptocurrency was first introduced to the world, public perception and media coverage has drastically...

Crypto Slang

Slaying The Crypto Slang

Getting started in cryptocurrency is a seemingly simple process. However, it is complicated by the technology and concepts that underpin the market. The technical language used to talk about cryptocurrency investment makes even the most interested individuals shake their head...

buy bitcoins anonymously
Buy Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously

Bitcoin itself is not truly anonymous.  When you think about its anonymity, there is that mini heart-attack one gets: that anybody can see how much bitcoins you have for a given address; plus, they can follow how the bitcoins move...

buy bitcoins with credit card
Buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Here is the thing. Buying bitcoin with credit card used to be quite difficult. But as the number of new companies entering the market increases, so does our options to buy bitcoin with credit card. Navigating in the cryptosphere is...

basics of trading indicators

Basics of Trading Indicators for Beginners

You might have heard that the cryptocurrency markets are the perfect environment for short-term traders. The incredible volatility of the markets can be exploited to make outsized profits. In this article, I want to talk about the basics of trading...

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